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Protecting Clients During Wildfire Season

Insurance payouts after wildfires are a massive financial loss for insurance companies. Every home in a wildfire-prone area may be another bill for your company. To ensure that your company saves money, All Risk Shield provides comprehensive inspections that measure a home’s fire safety. These inspections help companies avoid insuring reckless homeowners who do not accept responsibility for protecting their homes.

Wildfires grow more common year after year. But a wildfire inspection program prevents financial losses for insurance companies. To get on top of future savings, reach out to All Risk Shield today.

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Insurance Inspection

  • Our FireDefense™ Experts customize our reports to meet your underwriter’s needs.
  • By knowing which homes are at high risk for wildfires, you can create strategies to save money. We assess fire readiness through several factors: topography, drought factor, fuel load, weather, building construction, population density, resource availability, and wildfire history.
  • Our team strictly adheres to all applicable fire and building codes.
  • We can provide wildfire inspections for both existing and prospective clients.
  • To ensure your data is always accurate, All Risk Shield can provide follow-up inspections that measure fire readiness year over year.

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Mitigation Solutions

Your policyholders can enjoy the following solutions:

  • An on-site consultation that prepares them for wildfire season and includes evacuation planning, disaster supplies, commercial-grade fire equipment, and complete training and setup.
  • A brush fire mitigation strategy. Clearing brush is key to stopping the wildfire before it reaches your home. The local or county jurisdiction will require seasonal brush clearings. 
  • PHOS-CHEK® fire retardant, which is trusted by the U.S. Forest Service and specially engineered for residential application. We’ll spray fire retardant on the landscape, home, and brush at the property and create a barrier against fire.

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Key Benefits

  • Both the policyholders and the insurance companies receive detailed consultation reports on the home’s fire readiness, including wildfire mitigation solutions.
  • A fire safety inspection is a win-win for both insurance companies and homeowners. Homeowners get to keep their insurance, and insurance companies get to prevent future financial losses.
  • We have years of experience and all the necessary resources for wildfire prevention.
  • Only trained firefighters supply All Risk Shield’s services.

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