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Wildfire Protection Service In California

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With an increasing number of wildfires every year, the danger to your family and home grows. Take the proper measures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. All Risk Shield offers several wildfire protection services that boost your home’s fire resistance and allow you to fight back against the flames. All our services are provided by trained firefighters who have spent years on the front lines. With our knowledge and expertise, you won't be at the mercy of wildfires. Build your home’s defenses with us!

Wildfire Risk Assessment

Our Mission

Assess Wildfire Risk | Lower Risk with the Proper Solution | Build Lasting Relationships Through High-Quality Customer Service

We Serve All of California!

Proven Track Record

100% Success Rate During Woolsey Fire
100% Success Rate in 2019 Fire Season
100% success rate during the 2021 Caldor Fire Season

The Increasing Danger of Wildfires 

Wildfires, once a rare occurrence, have now become yearly events in California. Multiple studies show that wildfires have grown more frequent, burn more land, and appear earlier in the year than ever before. With more and more danger every year, proper wildfire protection becomes a necessity and not a luxury. All Risk Shield can assess your home’s wildfire readiness and make recommendations that keep you safe. Defend your home with us!


BrandGuard Vents

For the best in wildfire defense solutions, we have partnered with BrandGuard Vents to stop embers and fire from setting foot in your home. These ember-resistant vents stop embers from entering your home before the fire comes. Whether ou deal with bush fires or wildfires, let these keep you and your house safe from damage.

Flame- and ember-resistant vents are a part of building code requirements in the state of California!

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item imageDefender IOur first-tier fire protection package. This package includes a multipoint fire safety inspection and a PHOS-CHEK® fire retardant application.
item imageDefender IIOur second-tier fire protection package. Enjoy the same benefits as Defender I, but with fire patrols in designated areas and 20% off our home hardening products.

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