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Making sure your community is safe is the neighborly thing to do. As a member of the HOA, we know you want to protect your neighbors as much as possible. To keep everyone in your Association safe, we encourage them to learn about wildfire prevention and safety from the experts at All Risk Shield. Our team’s expertise could prove vital when wildfire season rolls around, so contact us today to ensure that every member of your HOA wins the battle against wildfires.

Wildfire Risk Assessment

How We Help Members of Your HOA:

Full Risk Assessment

All Risk Shield provides a top-to-bottom risk analysis of your property and provides solutions that fit your unique needs. We’ll assess your home’s risk through various factors, including topography, weather, building construction, population density, wildfire history, and more.

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Fire Retardant Applications

The best way to prevent your home from going up in flames is to apply PHOS-CHEK®, a spray-on fire retardant that reduces the flammability of your building materials. Our experts spray PHOS-CHEK® on your home, landscaping, and more. Don’t worry—while PHOS-CHEK® is tough on fires, it’s gentle for plants, pets, and humans.



All Risk Shield also provides equipment that protects you during wildfire season, such as a water pump and home hardening equipment. All our equipment is designed for maximum fire defense, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be safe.

We’re happy to stop by an Association meeting to discuss our services and how to defend your home from wildfires. Our FireDefense™ Experts battle against wildfires for a living, so they have the experience necessary for trusted advice. We offer a discount for all wildfire services that are requested after an HOA meeting!

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