Insurance Inspection 

  • Customized inspection reports to meet your underwriter’s needs.

  • ALL RISK SHIELD can assist you in the selection of homes based on potential wild fire risk. We determine the degree of risk using a combination of factors: topography, drought factor, fuel load, weather, building construction, population density, resource availability and wild fire history.

  • Strictly adhere to all applicable fire and building codes.

  • Wild fire Inspections for prospective and existing clients.

  • Follow-up inspections to verify that recommended measures are completed and maintained year after year.

Mitigation Solutions

Your clients have access to the following services:

  • An on-site consultation to assess wild fire exposure levels, including evacuation planning, disaster supplies, commercial grade fire equipment and complete training and setup.

  • Brush fire mitigation strategy. Brush is cleared seasonally as required by the county or local jurisdiction in their

  • Phos-Chek pre-treatment utilizing the same powerful fire retardant used by the U.S. Forest Service and specially formulated for residential use; fire retardant is applied to the perimeter brush on their property — creating a “barrier” that protects their home throughout wild fire season.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed Inspection reports including recommendations and mitigation solutions.

  • Win/Win for homeowners and insurance companies. Allows homeowners to keep insurance and helps insurance companies reduce future financial losses and grow their businesses.

  • ALL RISK SHIELD as the experience and resources to effectively mitigate wild fire hazards.

  • All services are provided by trained firefighters.

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Insurance Agents

ALL RISK SHIELD provides a full analysis of your client’s property with solutions to mitigate their exposure to wild fires. ALL RISK SHIELD consultants fight wild fires for a living and understand the most effective ways to protect your client’s property.

Our detailed inspections help insurance companies to avoid insuring homeowners that do not assume personal responsibility for making their homes fire safe.

Due to an increase in wild fire hazard over the past few years, ALL RISK SHIELD is helping insurance companies implement wild fire inspection programs to reduce the potential for future financial losses in high hazard areas.