Defender i

Defender ii

Consultations/Risk Assessment

ALL RISK SHIELD FireDefense™ Experts will come to your property to identify key risk areas that could expose your property during wildfires. During the consultation, they will provide recommendations and summary of how to mitigate the fire risk.

On-site consultation/assessment

Fire expert review of property

Identify key areas of risk

Summary of property inspection

Phos Chek Application

Our FireControl™ Technicians will apply a powerful fire retardant used by the U.S. Forest Service on your landscape and vegetation. Phos-Chek is the gold standard of fire retardant. Completely safe to apply on vegetation. The fire retardant will last up to 6-8 months. 

Fire retardant application

Colorless & odorless

Used by the U.S Fire Service

Increases defensible space


ALL RISK SHIELD's DEFENDER™ Fire Pump System uses a water source to help fight a wildfire. The pump system is powered by a gas water pump and utilizes a powerful hose to help you effectively fight a wildfire.

Deployable fire defense unit

Pressurized fire hose system

On-going preventive maintenance

Other Products/Services

ALL RISK SHIELD offers a variety of products that will help harden your home during the event of a Wildfire. 

Brush Clearance

Installation of fire proof vents

Gutter Guards

Flame Stop II (Wood Treatment)

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