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Protecting You From Wildfires

Defender I

Our first-tier package includes an on-site inspection from our trained wildfire specialists. We’ll look over your property to locate problem areas and make recommendations for your safety. Then, our team will drop by every year for a PHOS-CHEK® application that gives your home a little extra fire resistance. 

  • FireDefense™ Expert Onsite Risk Assessment and Report
  • Annual PHOS-CHEK® Fortify Application
  • Starting at $1550

Defender II

For extra protection against ravaging wildfires, choose our Defender II package. We’ll provide a full suite of wildfire protection services, including an on-site risk assessment and the annual PHOS-CHEK® application. Enjoy a discount on products that can protect you from wildfires. If you live in our designated areas, we can even patrol your area when the wildfire hits. 

  • FireDefense™ Expert Onsite Risk Assessment and Report
  • Annual PHOS-CHEK® Fortify Application (Optional Emergency Applications Available Upon Request)
  • Fire Response/Fire Patrol (Available Only in Designated Areas)
  • 20% off Home Hardening Products (Flame and Ember Resistant Vents, Gutter Guards)
  • Starting at $2250

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We Also Offer

item imageConsultations/Risk Assessment

Our FireDefense™ Experts can drop by to assess your home’s wildfire readiness. Our multipoint, top-to-bottom inspection finds your key risk areas that can cause severe damage during a wildfire. Once we’re done with our inspection, our FireDefense™ Experts will provide a summary and make recommendations for your protection.

  • Full-scale onsite consultation
  • Property Review by Wildfire Expert
  • Risk Mitigation Recommendations
  • Summary of Property Inspection
item imagePHOS-CHEK®

Our team only uses the gold standard of fire retardant products—PHOS-CHEK®. This spray-on fire retardant is the same one used by the U.S. Forest Service to prevent wildfires. We’ll spray PHOS-CHEK® onto your home, vegetation, landscape, and more. Completely safe for plants, pets, and humans, this fire retardant lasts for months.

  • Increases Fire Resistance
  • Colorless & Odorless Spray
  • Trusted by The U.S Fire Service
  • Lasts 6-8 Months
item imageDEFENDER™ Fire Pump System

When a wildfire arrives, don’t be defenseless. Our DEFENDER™ Fire Pump System is your weapon against the fire. The gas-powered water pump and hose allow you to fight the fire with massive blasts of water. Protect your property with our fire pump system.

  • Deployable Fire Pump
  • Pressurized Hose System
item imageHome Hardening Services

Hardening your home increases its fire resistance. To make your home an impenetrable shield, try All Risk Shield’s variety of home hardening products, such as flame vents and more. If you need help finding the right products, contact our home hardening specialists, who are skilled experts who can help you with any questions.

  • Flame and Ember Vents
  • Gutter Guards
  • And More!

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